News Updates
  • Sharjah Municipality Reports 26% Surge in Rental Contracts for Q1, 2024
  • Sharjah Municipality Launches Mosquito Control Campaign After Recent Rainfall
  • Sharjah City Municipality tightens control over barber shops and beauty centers
  • SCM and Investment Bank distribute 610 Daily Meals to Civic Workers Throughout Ramadan
  • SCM Gears Up for Ramadan with intensified inspection campaigns
  • Sharjah Municipality starts issuing permits for food outlets to display and sell in Ramadan daytime
  • Sharjah City Municipality and Alif Group Join Forces to Regulate Parking and Residences in Al Mamsha and Zero 6 mall
  • Sharjah Municipality Starts Evaluation Process for Best Garden Award Entrants
  • Sharjah Municipality showcases innovative projects during participation in UAE Innovation Month activities
  • Sharjah City Municipality: 300 Team Leaders, Supervisors, and 375 Support Staff Deployed to Effectively Deal with Unstable Weather Conditions


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Pest Control Companies

Pest Control
Company NameAddressEngineer NameContact NumberMobile
Cleanco cleaning services co.alsajaMuhammad Malik Khan / Muhammad Ibrahim Khan0653603070555030935
Proshield pest control servicesMuwailihSami Abd Rabbo Abdel Ghani Maali0653669670556851902
ENSURE PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C - SHJNad Al QasimiaNeil Cyril Sales Baglan0653285990569950669
MAZMO ENVIROMENTAL SERVICES - SHJ. BRMuwailihMuhammad Salam Kakuzile Abdul Salam Kakuzile0654675300552318430
POWER BLDG . CLENING SERVICES L L CAl NahdaNaina Muhammad Rafii Pir Mohiuddin Mohiuddin0655979330507580366
NEW STAR PEST CONTROL SERVICES L.L.C - SHJ. BRBu TinaOmar Hamad Mohammed Hamad 0586474495
ENGINEERING TECH.SERVICES L.L.CIndustrial No. 11Muhammad Mulham Ahmed Othman0654305880556584888
AL KAAS BLDG.CLEANING & PEST CONTROL L.LCAl-GhuwairMohit Mohan Munyatra0655711600502909053
TAMKEEN FACILITIES SERVICESAL KhanMason Muhammad Al-Taher Ali05285183030528518303
UNIMAR BLDG.SERVICES L.L.CIndustrial No. 17Thedordin Velasco Valetti0653415330556039954
AL MASYADAH PEST CONTROLAl-SajjaaJehan Zeb Amat Khan0653510070522134878
FAZAA PEST CONTROLBu TinaAbdullah Fouad Kayed05579929840557992984
UNIVERSAL PESTICIDES TRADING .CO.LLCMuwailihBalamari Pramod0655540750506254194
AL AMANAH BLDG.CLEANING SERVICESAl MusallaMuhammad Zakaria Abdel Halim Al-Qadi05039338400503933840
FAYA CLEANING SERVICESAl Nad (Al Qasimia)Mahmoud Shaaban Kamel0655520550508452154
AL AMEEN BLDG CLEANING & PEST CONTROLBu TinaSabir Randam Kunumal Syed Tundi Parambhat0656290210503758064
SPECIALIST INTERNATIONAL PEST CONTROL LLCThe ShuwaihisDanish Ramachandran0654819890506575331
NAJMAT AL REEF BUILDING CLEANING SERVICESAl-GhuwairMuhammad Al-Kamil Othman Muhammad0652145720565079159
GREEN BLDG.CLEANING & PEST CONTROL L.L.CAl-QalaiaPrasad Chandran0652138380521864971
AL BATAEH BLDG CLEANING L.L.CCornicheSaidu Ibrahim Iskandar0653358000528338910

​​​​​​​​​​Please note the following requirements when dealing with Pest Control Companies that are certified by the municipality in order to ensure your safety and protect your rights:

  1. Ask the company to show you the municipality certification as a proof of their accreditation
  2. Make sure that person who attended to provide you the service is the same one who is mentioned in the municipality permit.
  3. Request an invoice containing the type of service provided, the name(s) of pesticide(s) used, and the name of the person who provided the service.
  4. In case the Pest Control Company refused to subject to the following requirements, please call 06- 5931573 (7:30 to 14:00) and report the case so that necessary action can be taken.
  5. In the event of complaint during non-office hours please call the municipality hotline at 993.