News Updates
  • SCM rolls out campaign to monitor and demolish abandoned buildings
  • SCM holds meeting with judges of rental dispute settlement committees
  • SCM carries out inspection and awareness campaigns targeting abandoned vehicles
  • Sharjah Municipality receives WHO delegation to review requirements for expanding Healthy Cities scope
  • SCM designs sun hats from recycled materials for its workers
  • Sharjah Municipality cracks down on vehicles and motorbikes carrying eyesore advertising
  • Sharjah Municipality launches smart task management platform for employees, teams and committees
  • Sharjah Municipality raises safety standards on beaches, provides 58 lifeguards
  • Sharjah Municipality signs MOU with Department of Housing
  • SCM organizes health awareness workshop for its employees in Dasman Park Hall


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How May I Help You

Hotline Section in Sharjah City Municipality

The hotline works in the Municipality of Sharjah City 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekly and official holidays, to respond to inquiries from customers and all community groups and to receive complaints and suggestions about municipal services. The hot line is the main interface of the municipality to communicate directly with customers, and the following is the classification of transactions to the hotline:

First: Inquiry
 Customers can inquire about:

    Services provided by Sharjah Municipality and related procedures.
    Centers for providing municipal services and working hours.
    Public utility services such as parks, livestock market, birds and central slaughterhouse.
    Activities and events organized by the Municipality.

Second: Complaint
Clients can complain about:

    Quality and quality of services provided by Sharjah Municipality.
    The style and performance of municipal service staff.
    Delay in delivery or non-completion of applications and services.

Third: Communication
Complaints can be submitted when any cases that require the intervention of the municipality are considered to be within its jurisdiction, for example:

    Rainwater is collected in streets and squares.
    Sewage emergencies such as sewerage, open manholes, etc.
    The existence of environmental problems and the emission of odors and other strange.
    The presence of waste in roads, public sites and around containers.
    Reproduction of insects in public sites.
    Health violations of restaurants and food establishments related to hygiene or food safety.
    Housing singles in residential areas for families.
    Abandoned vehicles distort the landscape.

Fourth: Proposal
Customers can submit their suggestions via the Hotline to develop municipal services or simplify procedures.

Fifth: Request

Customers can apply for a service through the hotline, for municipal services that can be ordered or delivered through the municipality's hotline, including pest control, removal of weeds and indiscriminate trees.