• Environmental Services Department (ESD)

    The ESD seeks to achieve a sustainable development in light of the comprehensive development and economic growth witnessed by the emirate of Sharjah. In order to achieve that there are many environmental challenges such as air pollution, household waste, growing hazardous and non-hazardous waste must be dealt with by means of waste reduction, recycling and management. The ESD also seeks to spread environmental awareness among the community members for the preservation of public health in the first place.

    Horticulture & Parks Department

    The HPD seeks to spread greenery including green spaces, trees, shrubs, palms and flowers across the city of Sharjah because greenery has a positive environmental, health and cultural impact as well as it lends an aesthetic appearance to the place.

    Drainage Department (DD)

    The DD is responsible for providing drainage services for the population of Sharjah through the planning and design of sewerage networks and sewage treatment systems across the city. It seeks to make Sharjah an attractive green city where the treated waste water is used for irrigation, and hence preserving the drinking water.

  • Public health department (PHD)

    The PHD follows suite of Sharjah Municipality in seeking to provide the optimum levels of safety and security to the whole community. The community members, whether citizens or expatriates, feel safer when they get to know how much the intensified inspection and control conducted on all public health related establishments, especially those dealing with food. The PHD seeks also to bolster health awareness, enhance means of early diagnosis of disease and reduce the rate of diseases as diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

    In order achieve its goals, the PHD coordinates with other relevant bodies such as non-profit organizations, Friends of Arthritis Patients Society, Friends of diabetes Patients Society and Friends of Cancer Patients society, in addition to the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, Blood Bank and Sharjah Medical Zone.

    Central Laboratories Department (CLD)

  • Operations & Municipal Inspection Department (OMID)

    The OMID is concerned with the inspection of residential, industrial and commercial premises to ensure their safety.

    Public Parking Department (PPD)

    The PPD seeks to provide the public and customers with a wide variety of services that can contribute in turning Sharjah into a city with no traffic jams or congestion. This will definitely support the strategic plan of Sharjah City Municipality to provide the best quality of services.

    The emirate of Sharjah has witnessed an accelerated urban and economic development, which accompanied by some negative phenomena such as traffic jams and congestion, and overcrowding of vehicles on the streets and public parking lots, especially in the commercial districts. These phenomena affected the free movement of the public as well as the commercial activity itself.

    Sharjah City Municipality had to step in and put a solution to curb those phenomena, and hence it has established an integrated system to regulate the parking of vehicles in public parks and stop random parking of cars. It aimed also to preserve the aesthetic and civilized image of the city in order to keep pace with all the rapid developments.

  • Many awareness campaigns targeting the general public and business owners have been organized to educate them on the importance of maintaining cleanliness and preserving the environment. The awareness campaigns also included school students in order to instill in them the values of belonging, beauty and shouldering societal responsibility. The municipality exerts all efforts to curb bad practices such as hanging laundry in balconies and littering on the streets, as such practices distorts the overall appearance and affect the aesthetic view of the city.

    • ​The municipality’s keenness on boosting its efforts in serving the community, and strengthening the role played by its Safety and Municipal Inspection Section to protect the public safety.

    • Distributing awareness brochures on the dangers and harms of toys.

    • Dangers of grilling in unauthorized areas.

    • Educating the members of the community about the ways of the preservation of water.

    • Know your rights as a consumer.