Sharjah Municipality fines can now be paid online

Sharjah Municipality fines can now be paid online
​The Sharjah City Municipality (SM) has announced the launch of a number of new e-services via its portal, to be added to the wide range of services already provided through the municipality website, including applying for services, submitting inquiries and suggestions, and getting updates about the SM events and activities. 
"Customers can now pay their car violations online, and a specialised IT company is now working with the municipality's IT department to make all fines and fees can be paid online," said Reyad Abdulla Aylan, director general of Sharjah City Municipality.
He added the online system will shorten lines and make life easier for those who desire to pay their fines.
He pointed out that the municipality introduced more than 75 e-services through its portal, and a new range of services will be launched in the near future.
Aylan revealed that the SM was working in developing the e-services of its engineering and projects sector to enable consultants, contractors and customers to finish their transactions and pay their fees online. They can also follow up on the process of their transactions.
He said after adopting the e-contract system, the tenancy contracts will be attested online as well.

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