News Updates
  • SCM rolls out campaign to monitor and demolish abandoned buildings
  • SCM holds meeting with judges of rental dispute settlement committees
  • SCM carries out inspection and awareness campaigns targeting abandoned vehicles
  • Sharjah Municipality receives WHO delegation to review requirements for expanding Healthy Cities scope
  • SCM designs sun hats from recycled materials for its workers
  • Sharjah Municipality cracks down on vehicles and motorbikes carrying eyesore advertising
  • Sharjah Municipality launches smart task management platform for employees, teams and committees
  • Sharjah Municipality raises safety standards on beaches, provides 58 lifeguards
  • Sharjah Municipality signs MOU with Department of Housing
  • SCM organizes health awareness workshop for its employees in Dasman Park Hall


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Vision & Mission

 Methodology of Municipal Work

As a public service department, Sharjah City Municipality is keen to provide distinguished and comprehensive services that can achieve the satisfaction and happiness of all its customers. The municipality is committed to delivering these services with the highest quality and in a timely manner through the realization of the following vision, mission and fundamental values:


Our Vision:

A modern city with sustainable qualitative services that make it more attractive.


Our Mission:

To keep Sharjah a pleasant city that shines with warm hospitality, where everybody lives in happiness and prosperity, and an ideal place for work, productivity and creativity.


Our Fundamental Values:

Our firm commitment, since the foundation of the municipality, is still the same. Whatever we do is revolves around the commitment to our fundamental values, which are stemmed from the teachings of our true religion and the directives of our wise leadership that put the provision of services on the top of our priorities.

·        Our identity: Preservation of the cultural and architectural heritage of the emirate of Sharjah.

·        Cooperation: Fostering cooperation and teamwork between all employees.

·        Credibility: Transparency in cooperation and clarity of procedures.

·        Integrity: Dedication, honesty and efficiency of all employee.

·        Excellence: Commitment to the highest level of quality to put the municipality on the track of excellence.

·        Professionalism: the human element is the center of attention (employees, workers & customers).

·        Communication: Implementing an open door policy and activating channels of communication with community members.

·        Leadership: Adopting the spirit of taking initiatives, creativity and development for enhancement of services.

·        Happiness: Realizing the vision of the government so as to ensure the happiness of employees and customers.


Our Strategic Goals:

·        Achieve satisfaction of Sharjah city residents and meet their needs by providing them with comprehensive and distinguished services.

·        Foster education and awareness on environment protection by spreading environmental culture and concepts through all educational channels.

·        Increase investments, enhance resources and keep pace with the continuous developments through the best use of available resources. Improve the municipality's capabilities to be able to perform its tasks and implement its mission and vision.

·        Improve the quality of studies and their implementation, and hence ensure having operators of facilities that are in conformity with the set standards and are suitable for use, and ensure the best use of the allotted budget and economizing the expenditure on operation and maintenance.

·        Motivate human resources: Preparation of administrative systems that draw a link between the municipality's strategic goals and the performance of its staff on one hand and achieving the employees' satisfaction on the other hand through the constant review and improvement of incomes, enhancing work environment and providing attractive career paths for competent personnel, and hence reaching new levels of professionalism and progress.

·        Strengthen the principle of community partnership and cooperation with the concerned entities in the public and private sectors for the common good.

·        Strive to reach unprecedented levels of comprehensive quality, motivate and encourage employees to acquire creativity and excellence by the recognition of innovators and their innovated projects and achievements.

·        Adopt modernization and facilitate procedures by introducing more electronic services and making the best use of information technology.

·        Lay out plans that can realize the UAE federal government's vision to ensure the happiness of both employees and customers through the application of happiness criteria.